We all love to feel special right? This can mean different things for different people… for some it may be receiving flowers or getting their nails done while for others it may be having a spa day or going out to a really nice restaurant [just to name a few examples]. In all situations that makes you feel special, what is it that you’re really paying for? The end result of course… but isn’t the experience as important if not more? If you get your nails done and love them, but the hour you were there was a horrible experience, will you go again? Probably not. This is why at Fritz Photography, I make sure that each and every portrait session is a luxury, VIP experience.

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I’ve heard far too many of the same stories where families have portraits up of a past photography session and they like the image, but the experience was less than exciting. Whether they felt rushed, pressured, stressed through their session or their wants and needs weren’t explored so the images weren’t quite what they envisioned, these negative connotations are stuck with them every time they look at those portraits. The negative experience makes them like those pictures much less because every time they pass by their wall art or look at their prints, they are just brought back to that whole experience. Yes, the end product is important… but I strongly believe that the experience is as important and a crucial part to loving and cherishing your family portraits forever.

So what does a luxury, VIP portrait experience from Fritz Photography entail? First off, we have your in home, pre-session custom design appointment. This is where we get to know each other better as well as plan and tailor the your custom session . We will discuss your expectations, colour schemes, locations, personalities and more which will allow me create a unique, one of a kind session and make this an unforgettable experience. We will also have a look at all of my beautiful product samples and discuss my workflow, prices and products in more depth. I’m also your personal interior designer and we can discuss any wall art space that you were thinking of filling with beautiful, bespoke artwork.

During the session you don’t need to worry about a thing! For newborn sessions I supply all the props and outfits so you can sit down, have a coffee and relax in my home studio. For maternity sessions, I supply a maternity closet full of gorgeous gowns for all my clients to use [if they choose to]. These gowns are also beautiful on anyone, pregnant or not and can be used in family sessions. I will also supply any props needed for your family portraits. Each session has an allocated time BUT… I will never rush you! If the kids are being a bit difficult and we need more time that’s ok! I your newborn needs to feed 10 times during their session that’s ok! I’ve also worked with families who have disabled children and sometimes it can take a while for the kids to relax and feel comfortable so I don’t really put a time stamp on those sessions. The experience should be joyful and not stressful at all! I’m also a very natural and candid photographer and LOVE to capture those moments that really portray the personalities and connections in your family. For people who know me, you know that I love a challenge. Your kids are shy, tired, cranky or hate the camera? THAT’S OK!! Trust me, we will get them to smile and laugh and I don’t care how silly I need to be to get those genuine smiles!

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My favourite part of the VIP treatment is the viewing and ordering appointment. This is where, a few weeks after your session [or this can be done on the same day for clients coming from far away or if preferred], I will come to your home and show you your beautiful images for the first time. I am very flexible for this appointment and it can take place in the week, the weekend, in the day or even at night. I understand life is busy, especially with children! This is why I love having the appointment when the kids are in bed or even at the grand-parents house. I really want to pamper my clients during this appointment and so I always bring coffee and cake, or wine and cheese or whatever the client prefers really! I’ve even paid for the family’s babysitter to take care of the kids for a few hours so the parents could come to my home for the appointment and go for dinner afterwards!! This is where you can relax, not have to worry about a thing and really just enjoy reliving those family moments through your beautiful portraits. Once we’ve gone through your images, we will go through all the products again and this is when you would place your artwork order from stunning wall art, custom-made albums and/or fine art prints. I’m there to help through the whole process to create exactly what you want and make it an easy and smooth experience.

Three to four weeks later I will hand deliver your beautiful new artwork to your door! These will all be beautifully wrapped and ready for you to open. My clients always say that they feel like a child at Christmas because they’ve been waiting in excitement for a few weeks! An extra bit of VIP treatment that I love to offer my clients is professional installation of any wall art purchased. At a date and time that’s convenient for you, someone will come around to hang up your new wall art, free of charge! [This person is fully qualified and insured – I always use the same company for this and trust them 100%].

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The last part of our luxury photography experiences is knowing that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime product guarantee!! When you commission Fritz Photography, your investment is safe and our guarantee is simple. Although it’s never happened, if you don’t love your portraits when seeing them at your viewing & ordering appointment, we will work together to get it right in a second session or we will refund 100% of the money you’ve paid us. As for the lifetime product guarantee, if there are any manufacturing issues at any point with any of your products we will replace them free of charge. These heirloom products are luxury items that will outlive us all and be passed on for generations to come!

If you’ve had a negative photography experience in the past, if you’ve never had a professional photography session done before or if you’re just looking for a little more of a luxury experience and wanting to invest in stunning heirloom products to create your legacy… then Fritz Photography is the photographer for you! Let us pamper and take care of you, you won’t have to lift a finger! Let us take away all the stress of hiring a professional photographer and let’s create an amazing, luxury and VIP experience that you’ll cherish forever!


Contact me on info@fritzphotography.co.uk or +44(0) 7393997427 to discuss you luxury photography experience!