In this day and age, the photography industry is over saturated with photographers from all levels and specialities. It can make it quite daunting finding your next photographer. I just Googled Northampton photographers and there’s 170 results that came up!! That’s just insane! So while sifting through all these photographers, what should you be looking for? What should you consider when choosing your next professional photographer?


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*Credit to Missy Mwac for the image.

Human nature automatically makes us compare price first, especially in such a competitive market. However, when searching for your next photographer, you shouldn’t be choosing based on price alone. There’s a lot of photographers out there but not everyone is a ‘professional photographer’ and we’re not all the same! Comparing based on price alone is like comparing apples to oranges. Your price point/budget is definitely important, but here are 10 things to look out for to make sure you choose the right professional photographer for your family:


1- You’re not buying the same fridge from Tesco’s or Curry’s. Photography is an art form and every photographer has their own style and level of artwork. Make sure you love their style and editing. It’s not something they’ll change.


2- Compare the quality of the images with other photographers. Make sure you choose someone who will create artwork you’ll be proud to hang on your walls. Too often I have clients who tell me they have wall art still sat in their garage from another photographer from years ago because they just don’t love the images!


3 – Make sure to look at the experience a professional photographer holds. You want to feel confident and at ease with your photographer and this comes with experience. Also have a read through their reviews. Reputation is everything and great reviews can put you at ease, especially when looking for a newborn session!


4 – Are you looking for an indoor session in front of a white screen or an outdoor session with beautiful backdrops? You should also consider if you’re looking for more of a posed photographer or someone who captures candid, natural and relaxed portraits. Same thing goes for newborn photography, are you looking for a posed session (baby wrapped, in a bucket/bowl, props, etc) or more of a lifestyle, relaxed in home session?


5– How far are you happy to travel for your session? I’ve been humbled with clients driving 2+ hours to come see me for their newborn sessions! Another question to ask yourself is if you’re happy travelling to a studio or if you want the photographer to come to your home (whether that’s for a family sessions, maternity and/or newborn session).


6- Ask if they’re insured… especially if it’s a newborn session you’re looking for!


7- Ask if they have newborn safety training. This is an important one, please don’t hesitate to ask this question!! You don’t want to do a newborn session with a photographer who does it ‘for fun’ or ‘on the side’ and who’s not properly trained. Your baby’s life is in a strangers hands for a few hours… make sure they know what they’re doing and your baby is safe at all times! I’ve heard far too many horror stories that have made my heart stop.

Take a straw for example. If you bend the straw completely downwards it’s very hard to drink, bend it completely upwards and again, it’s difficult to drink. This is the same with babies. If they’re positioned in a basket and their chin is touching their chest, they will have a hard time breathing. If placed in a bucket and their head is tilted completely upwards, they can’t breathe! Another example is how a 4 week old baby won’t bend and curl the same way as a 6 day old because his/her bones have started fusing together.

Newborn photography is a specialist skill, requiring patience, creativity, sensitivity, the right safety measures and the technical know-how. Which is why it’s important to use a reliable and experienced photographer.

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8- What kind of session are you’re after? Just some quick snaps on a CD and pictures for Facebook? Or a luxury, full service photography experience where you’ll be taken care of, create timeless artwork of your family and showcase them on heirloom products like stunning wall art, custom-made albums and fine art prints. With my premium photography experience, I even include a professional company who will hang your new artwork for you, completely free of charge!

There is a photographer for everyone and for every need, but if you want to be pampered and not lift a finger, I’m the photographer for you!


9- Are you happy printing your own images at Tesco’s or online somewhere and them yellowing and fading in a few years? Or are you looking to invest in high quality, luxury and exclusive heirloom products that will last 100+ years and be passed on for generations to come?

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10 – Of course as discussed, price point is important as well! How much are you looking to invest in your family portraits? There are photographers at every price point but what’s important to remember is that with everything in life, you get what you pay for! If you’re looking to invest in high quality heirloom products like stunning wall art, custom-made albums and fine art archival prints, it will be higher priced but you can always ask if they do payment plans as most of us who are product based will offer this service.

This industry is saturated so you’re absolutely spoiled for choice! There are photographers for every need, but these are some things to think about when looking for your next professional photographer as we’re not all the same and we don’t all offer the same thing. I saw this quote and loved it because it’s true, the photographer you use depends very much on how important the photographs are to you! 

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*Credit to Missy Mwac for the image.

If you’re still looking for your next professional photographer and you’d like to discuss what your photography experience with Fritz Photography would entail, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or +44 (0) 7393997427.