A few years ago, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life! Anyone else been there? Kind of floating around from one job to another, not sure what your purpose in life is? Well that was me.
I’m originally from Canada and went to university to study social work but left after 2 years… it just wasn’t for me! Nothing in university interested me so I went traveling instead. I packed my bags and went to live in Peru for 3 months to do some volunteer work. I thought why not! I’ve always wanted to volunteer abroad. Funny enough, that’s where I met my now husband! He was traveling with one of his friends and we just clicked. Who would have thought we would now be married and have a 2 and a half year old daughter!
Anyways, fast forward to when I moved to the UK about 4 years ago to be with him. No degree, no direction in life… just taking a leap of faith that things would work out! I did a few bar tending jobs before becoming an estate agent for Connells. I loved that job but when I got pregnant with little one, I couldn’t do the 65 hour weeks anymore. Going on maternity leave was really stressful as I had no idea what I would do for work afterwards. Has anyone else felt like this? Or feeling like this right now? You’re not alone! It’s really hard thinking about going back to work and having a good work/life balance without just working to pay off childcare costs!
As I had so many vacation days before leaving for mat leave, I just took it all together so I had about 5 weeks off before baby arrived… I WAS GOING CRAZY! And this is where my photography journey began. I remembered that my mum had bought me a Nikon camera a few years back for Christmas. I had NO IDEA how to use it and so it had just stayed in the cupboard for almost 2 years. I thought, what a perfect time for me to actually learn how to use this so I can take cute pictures of my baby coming soon! I signed up to an online photography course, learnt how to use the camera properly and was able to practice loads on our little girl when she finally made her appearance. I absolutely fell in love with taking pictures and just became obsessed with online workshops and bettering myself. I actually fell in love with photography at an early age. I started by doing some modeling when I was younger but I never ever thought about becoming a photographer.
After a few months of practice, I offered free sessions around my area (which was then in Wiltshire) to build my portfolio. I met some incredible people along the way and found my calling in life. That feeling of knowing what I was meant to do was overpowering and I just couldn’t ignore it! After a few months of free sessions, I got so busy that I decided to start charging and get my business legalised and up and running. That was 2 years ago, and I’ve never been happier! I really fell into my element when I became a photographer and I believe being on both sides of the camera has really helped me develop in my career.
I started by doing any and all sorts of photography to see what I loved most. I did a few weddings but quickly realised that my passion was working with children. I’ve since specialised in maternity, newborn and family/children photography and have been published more than once in an international photography magazine. One of my newborn images was actually chosen for the cover of the magazine one month! It was so exciting 🙂
So what’s been happening we me in recent months? Well we just moved to Northampton from Wiltshire a few months ago.. to a house that needed complete renovation. Definitely not the smarted idea with a then 2 year old. Now that the house is almost done, I can concentrate on rebuilding my business here. It’s a bit difficult because it’s basically starting from scratch. On a positive note, we’re never leaving Northamptonshire so the clientele I make here will hopefully be clients for life.
I’ve changed and evolved as a photographer along the way and honed in on my style and my brand. I offer a luxury, personalised and full service photography experience to my clients where every session is tailored to them and their family. This allows me to create bespoke, custom artwork for my clients. I also have an in person viewing/ordering appointment to assist in the ordering process and help my clients choose their favourite images and the best way to showcase them. I offer heirloom products like albums, wall art, fine art prints and more that will be passed on for generations to come. My clients want to get away from the digital age and received tangible, beautiful pieces of art that they will cherish forever.
Why are we so caught up in this digital age? You’ll never hear someone say ‘That USB looks great on your wall!’ … I want to get artwork back on the walls and for my clients to have an album that their great grand-kids will be able to look through. When pictures are on Facebook or Instagram (etc.), they get lost. You see them once, maybe like or comment on them and then they’re just held in cyberspace… maybe you’ll go back and look at them once in a while, but most people will never do anything with that USB of beautiful images. Why pay for professional photography and have those images locked up in a fire safe? Time is precious and memories should be shared! Heirloom products tell a story and leave a legacy behind, something that will last a lifetime.
My passion in life is photography and I constantly thank my mum because without her, I never would have found my calling in life. I never would have gone out to buy myself an expensive camera just for fun. So again, THANK YOU MUM, this is all because of you! <3
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