How ironic is this: The most photographed generation in HISTORY will have no photos in 10 years. This digital age has made us steer away from printing and displaying our beautiful images, thinking that posting them on Facebook and on social media is good enough. So why is it so important to print our pictures?

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We think that digital images last forever but they really don’t. We take thousands of images on our phones and they get forgotten or the phone gets damaged… what happens if they weren’t on the cloud? Or some of us might have taken the time to put them on the computer but what then? Do we ever actually sort through them all and get them printed? What happens if your computer crashes, have you backed up all your images to multiple places? The reality is that we all have the best intentions to get an album made or print images out but we rarely do. Why? Life gets busy and other things take priority. So when your phone gets broken or stolen, if your Facebook gets hacked or if your computer crashes… thousands of images could be gone forever. We can say we’ve put it on a USB right? But think about CD’s, just a few years ago they were the popular thing. Now look at Apple and their computers and laptops… most of them don’t even have a CD drive anymore. How long before computers don’t take USBs? A study I recently read mentioned that hard drives can last around 5 years, DVDs can last around 7 and flash drives last about 8 years before the data on them could be corrupted. Technology is always changing and it’s very fickle. Digital images should be seen the same way as film negatives back in the day – as a back up.

When you were a child, or even now.. have you ever gone to your grandparent’s house and sat down as a family looking through albums and photos? I did and I absolutely loved it! Now ask yourself this, could your children sit down and actually hold pictures of themselves as babies or of you when you were young? Most would say probably not… and if those images of your parents, your grandparents and even great grandparents were only digital, would they exist now? Again, probably not! Those images would not be here today.

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We don’t actually see the value of a print until years later when sometimes it’s the only thing we have left. One of my friends lost her grandfather recently and they found an old picture of him in the loft. It was taken when he had joined the army. For this family, this one picture means the world to them. When you can hold a memory in your hands, a piece of history… how much is that worth to you? It’s the same with our kids. I remember when my little girl was young I thought I would remember the first time she crawled, the first time she walked, her first word, her first tooth and so on… but I don’t. We try to hold onto all these small details in life and we just can’t. But as soon as I see a picture of my little girl memories come flooding back. We need to create a legacy for our kids, something they can cherish when we’re gone and that they can pass on for generations to come. I don’t want my little girl to have to scroll through Facebook to try to find a picture of herself as a baby. I want her to be able to sit down and go through an album with her kids one day.


Here are a few more reasons why it’s so important to print what you want to preserve:

1- When children see tangible pictures of themselves around the house, they grow to have more confidence. They feel important, loved and part of the family.

2- Pictures tell a story and connect us to our past. Being able to see, feel and hold pictures of ourselves and our ancestors helps us know where we came from and who we are.

3- Sometimes we forget to cherish the small things in life. Even if we’re going through hard times, being able to look back on the beautiful, happy memories can make such a big difference.

4- Pictures can manifest emotions that words simply cannot.

5- Pictures allow us to relive moments we can’t remember. I want my little girl to know how loved she was from the first moment she came into this life. How much we’ve cherished every single moment with her.


Allow your children to hold pictures and talk about them… don’t let those images rot away on a hard drive for no one to cherish.

When you invest in family portraits, they’re not only for you. Oftentimes the ones who are not in the pictures are the ones who will cherish them the most. The parents, grandparents, children and even grandchildren who aren’t born yet. Photography allows you to freeze a moment in time and capture a sliver of history. When I look at pictures of my grandparents as children, it allows me to see a different person to the person they were when I knew them. People change but photographs don’t.


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As photographers, I believe it’s our duty to communicate the importance of prints to our clients. Our phones, hard drives and computers will die. The cloud will never be looked at (realistically how many times have you sat down and just went through your cloud to enjoy those precious moments). However albums, prints and wall art will be picked up, felt and looked at for generations to come. You need to print what you want to preserve as it’s creating a piece of history and a legacy for your kids and for future generations.

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