With any type of photography session there will be some worries, whether you’re looking for a wedding photographer, family photographer, newborn photographer, etc. Throughout the last few years though, I’ve seen the same worries come up with enquiring clients and so I thought I’d share with you what I tell them!


Worry #1 – My other half hates the camera and my kids always give the worst fake smiles.

Can anyone else relate to this? I know that my husband HATES having his picture taken and looks so grumpy in them! And kids, well they have the ‘Chandler smile’ nailed to a T don’t they! This is why I always reassure them that my sessions aren’t stiff and posed; they’re natural, candid and fun! I strongly believe that a great portrait is where personalities shine through and the connections jump out of the image. You won’t want to put a stiff picture with fake smiles on your wall, you’ll want to put up an image of everyone laughing, the kids being tickled, a spontaneous kiss, etc. This is also why I don’t shoot indoors in front of a white screen. All my family session are taken outdoors with beautiful natural backdrops and where there’s space for the kids to run and play! I’ve always found that being in nature automatically makes kids more relaxed and at ease which really shows in the pictures. As for someone who hates the camera, they seem to relax during the session as it’s more about playing and interacting with the kids than sitting there and smiling.

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Worry #2 – What if my kids don’t behave? What if my newborn cries the whole time or poops/pees on you?

We all wish our kids would be the most well behaved angels all the time, but in reality… they can drive us nuts! (I have a 3 years old so I know what you all feel like lol) I always get this question and my answer is always the same. DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT 😊

This is another reason why I don’t do indoor family sessions because sticking a toddler in front of a small white screen and asking them to stay put is asking for chaos. Outside in nature we can play games and distract them. I don’t expect kids to stay put and listen/follow every direction because they’re kids! We play tag, hide and seek, anything and everything to make them happy and get those real genuine smiles. We’re also so silly during sessions that the kids have fun and laugh the whole way through! Everyone who knows me knows I love a challenge so please don’t worry about the kids, I’ll get those real laughs! I’ve only had to reschedule one session in my whole career because we just couldn’t get through to this little one… although she was quite ill and so it was a special circumstance.

As for the newborn session, again, DON’T WORRY 😊 I’ve easily photographed over 100 newborns with not one being the same. You’re a new parents with lots to worry about already so don’t worry about this! I will take baby for a few hours and you can relax and even take a nap on my couch if you want lol I have a lot of soothing techniques and tricks up my sleeve to calm baby down. If baby needs feeding 10 times during the session we’ll feed 10 times! I follow the newborn’s ques and adjust posing to what they’re comfortable with. Some babies hate being naked while others sleep the whole way through. I tell me clients this: You don’t come to me because you know your baby will sleep the whole way and you’ll get beautiful images… you come to me because you know that even if you’re newborn is difficult that you’ll still get beautiful images out of it! People who know me know that I have endless patience for my babies! And if they pee or poop on me? Well this is why I don’t wear my best clothes during sessions lol It happens all the time so again, DON’T WORRY <3

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Worry #3 – I don’t know what to wear or how to prepare?

When preparing outfits for a session it can be daunting as there are so many options! The first thing I tell clients is that you want the clothes to represent the person. So for example if your daughter hates dresses, you don’t need to put her in a dress. We want the kids to feel comfortable during the session. As for colours, we want them to compliment each other. For example, you wouldn’t want yourself in pink, partner in green, son in orange and daughter in blue. Too many different colours can be distracting. You also want to avoid crazy patterns, really tight stripes, big logos/writing and bright neon colours as they can all be distracting. Again, I always tell them to not worry as I send out a Family Welcome Guide on how to prepare for their session and this includes what to wear!

As for newborn sessions, there’s a lot you can do to prepare yourself and baby for a smooth session. This is why I also send out a Newborn Welcome Guide with everything you need to know! This also includes the foods to avoid eating if you’re breastfeeding as it can all affect baby’s tummy. For example, if you eat really spicy foods 48h before your newborn session, this could easily upset baby’s tummy and make them uncomfortable during the session.

You should never stress and worry for your photoshoot! I will always take care of you and make sure to guide you through every step. You even have the option to add hair and makeup to any session 🙂

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Worry #4 –  I’m not sure what I want to do with my pictures.. I don’t know where to get them printed for the best quality?

I’m sure this has happened to most of you! You pay for beautiful portraits and a few years down the line, they’re STILL on the USB in your cupboard and you’ve done nothing with them. I see this all the time and this is why I offer a premium, full service photography experience. I am there to help every step of the way from the pre-session consultation where we plan your personalised experience to helping you choose the best ways to display your new artwork. As I’m a product based photographer, I specialise in stunning wall art, custom-made albums and fine art archival prints. When you commission Fritz Photography, you have your own custom-design appointment where you view your beautiful images and choose what products you’d like to invest in. I’m there to guide your through all the options, which can be overwhelming! All my prints and products are only sourced from the best professional craftsmen and printers in Europe so you know you’re getting the best quality! You will leave your appointment excited about the products you’ve purchased and a few weeks later I will hand deliver them to your door all beautifully wrapped… it’s like Christmas!! I’ll even send an insured professional around on a date and time that suits you to hang your new wall art, free of charge 🙂 You don’t have to lift a finger!

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Worry #5 – I’m scared of investing a lot of money in portraits I might not love.

I completely understand this fear and this is why there is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Many people might fear that they will be investing a lot of money in portraits that they won’t love.  They might have had a photography experience in the past that was less than satisfactory, whether that be with the final product or the experience itself. If their past photographer(s) didn’t take the time to get to know them, to understand their wants and needs and discuss what they had envisioned for their portraits… or if they didn’t guide them the whole way with a full service experience, it might have left them feeling underwhelmed. When you commission Fritz Photography, your investment is safe and our guarantee is simple.  Although it’s never happened, if you don’t love you portraits when seeing them at your viewing & ordering appointment, we will work together to get it right in a second session or we will refund 100% of the money you’ve paid us. The other part of our simple guarantee is that you only invest in what you absolutely LOVE. We have no pre made packages, only an A La Carte menu which allows you to create your own tailored, bespoke package. We’re so confident that we can create stunning portraits that you’ll love and cherish forever that we take all the worry out of hiring a professional photographer.

You also have a lifetime product guarantee!

When you invest in heirloom products with Fritz Photography, not only do you get outstanding quality but you also get luxury items that will outlive us all and be passed down for generations to come. As mentioned above, all of our products are only sourced from the best professional printers and craftsmen in Europe because we only want to offer the highest quality and most exclusive products to our clients. This is why we offer 100% lifetime product guarantee. If there are any manufacturing issues at any point with any of your products we will replace them free of charge. We’re so confident in our amazing suppliers that we take all the worry out of investing in your portraits.


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I hope this has helped appease any worry you might have. Your portrait experience should be exciting and you shouldn’t have to lift a finger. Let me pamper you from start to finish!

If you’d like to discuss your luxury photography experience or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on info@fritzphotography.co.uk or +44(0) 7393997427.