Congratulations on your new little miracle! It’s such a joyous time but being a new mum can be difficult, especially while breastfeeding. Whatever you eat can directly affect your baby, so what are the foods that are best avoided before your newborn photo-shoot? You’ll most probably be bombarded with advice from friends and family on how to take care of your new baby… and if you’re like me Google will become your best friend. But the internet can be confusing as well as there are so many different views on what’s the right way and wrong way to raise a child. It comes down to us as parents to seek advice from qualified professionals and then to decide what’s right for our baby. I completely appreciate and respect this, however I want my clients to have a lovely, relaxed experience and get the most out of their newborn session. With this being said, I’m not a health professional but through my experience (over 150 newborn sessions) and having read articles and research led by professionals in the field, there are some foods that are best avoided whilst breastfeeding.


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In newborn photography, what mum eats 48 hours before the session can have a very big impact on how smoothly the session goes. Think about the things we eat as adults that make us gassy, bloated and uncomfortable… now imagine a new 7 or 8 day old digestive system and how it might cope with such foods. I’ve met some mums who could eat whatever they wanted and baby was happy which is awesome, but it’s not always the case!

Through my own research I’ve read an article written by baby experts Karen and Gale Pryer on which foods to avoid. They have a wealth of knowledge about breastfeeding and work on maternal and infant health issues for international non-governmental organisations. You can read their full article here:

Another article that I’ve read has been written by Ana Brandt, a world renown newborn photographer. With the help of Dr O’Connell from Newport Beach, California they’ve created a list of foods that mothers ‘should’ avoid with breastfed babies. You can read her full article here:

Both of these articles recommend the same foods to avoid in order to help baby settle and alleviate any wind and gas during the session. Please see the list bellow! It’s advised to stay away from these foods 48 hours before your photo-shoot. Will this list work 100% of the time with every baby? The answer is no, as every child is different. Babies can be gassy and fussy… but this list has worked for many of my clients along the years and I strongly believe that Ana Brandt & Karen and Gale Pryer are at the top of their respective fields for a reason and that their advice on breastfeeding should be followed before your session.



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Many of my clients have had great success with this list and many have also said that their baby slept much better at night when avoiding these foods. Give it a try mummies, it might give you a better nights sleep!

Being a new parent can be difficult and exhausting. We want you to have a calm, relaxing and enjoyable newborn photography experience. This is why we strongly recommend following this list 48 hours before your newborn session. It could be the difference between a stressful session where baby doesn’t settle to a session that runs smoothly with multiple set ups and a variety of poses 🙂

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If you’re having issues with breastfeeding there are many wonderful specialists that you can go see. I know that I had a hard time breastfeeding… we think it’s a natural thing so it should be easy but I strongly believe breastfeeding is a skill that mum and baby need to learn! If it’s not going to plan, please don’t hesitate to seek advice! Someone you can reach out to is Ann Davson. She’s a wonderful lactation consultant in Northampton that I’ve worked a lot with. You can visit her website at or contact her on 07828 169427.


If you’re still looking for a newborn photographer, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your newborn photography experience!  |  +44 (0) 7393997427


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